Bitcoin ATMs are Popping-Up Everywhere

It’s official, the Bitcoin ATM train has left the station and it’s coming to a city near you. The latest Bitcoin ATM’s were spotted in Dallas, Texas after making their way to NYC a couple of weeks ago.

Photo credit WFAA

Photo credit WFAA

While these ATM machines will without a doubt make Bitcoiners happy, it also serves as a pretty nice advertisement for Bitcoin for everyone else who is going to an ATM machine and scratching their head saying, “What the heck is that?” It also starts to make ATM’s look a bit old-school given that a Bitcoin ATM is a lot more slim and futuristic-looking…oh and it doesn’t spit out paper money.

You can see a bit of local coverage of the new Bitcoin ATM’s…which of course means even more publicity for Bitcoin, which makes us all happy.

If you spot a Bitcoin ATM in your area send it our way, we’ll post it and if you get it to us before anyone else, we’ll pay a nice finders fee for the photo too! Just email your Bitcoin ATM photos to cointalent(at)

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