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  1. Are we back in the green or is this just a bounce before the next dip?

    The last three days have been intense for just about everyone in the crypto market as Bitcoin took a major dive past some serious support lines and into the low $6,000 range. This came as a surprise to many investors who were celebrating after most major cryptocurrencies booked solid gains on Saturday. So what caused […]

  2. Crypto drops back into the red after strong Saturday gains

    Yesterday gave crypto enthusiasts around the world a much needed boost as most market spend the day in the green. Today, well let’s not sugar-coat it, the bloodbath continues as just about every major cryptocurrency is down as of the time of this post being published. The one shining star over the past 48 hours […]

  3. Bitcoin retraces gains, drops below $15,000 brings Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash down with it

    The last five days have been incredibly volatile in the cryptocurrency world and as we’ve seen, Bitcoin sets the pace for most of the other major cryptocurrenices. After dropping to the low $11,000 range on Friday Bitcoin regained its footing and surged back up to $16,000 yesterday causing most people to declare the end of […]

  4. Bitcoin is back up – crosses $16,000 in what some are calling a Christmas Miracle

    Some are calling it a Christmas Miracle, others are calling it more proof of how volatile and truly unpredictable Bitcoin is. No matter what you want to call it, the latest dip that started Friday when BTC tested a critical support diving into the $10,000 range, seems to be over. For those who bought Bitcoin […]

  5. Bitcoin dips into the $13,000 range and we’re running out of good reasons why

    Today was another tumultuous day for Bitcoin as it dropped into the low $13,000 range and is currently bouncing around between $13,000 – $14,000 seemingly finding some kind of support around the $13,100 level. On top of high volatility in the world’s favorite crypto, CoinDesk and CoinBase seem to be having a fairly substantial disagreement […]

  6. Bitcoin bounces back, approaches $16k, is the crash over?

    Friday was a big day in the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin dipped into the $10,000 range – 50% off it’s high of over $20,000 a little over a week ago. As Bitcoin tumbled so did just about every cryptocurrency on the market with Ethereum and Litecoin making the bulk of the news since these are […]

  7. You would make roughly $700,000 more if you put $1,000 into Ethereum rather than Bitcoin two years ago…

    Okay, here it is, the post you’ve been waiting for. If you’re not depressed yet about getting onboard the cryptocurrency train late in its journey (or not at all), let me just warn you, you probably will be after reading this. I decided to put myself in your imaginary shoes, in a world where in […]

  8. A three minute primer on SegWit2x

    If you’ve been reading cryptocurrency news over the last month then you’ve probably come across the term SegWit2x, which, to most people means absolutely nothing. At the same time, if you’ve tried researching what the heck SegWit2x is you’ve probably stumbled across some pretty lengthy articles that likely require a PhD to get through. So to make […]

  9. Bitcoin ATMs are Popping-Up Everywhere

    It’s official, the Bitcoin ATM train has left the station and it’s coming to a city near you. The latest Bitcoin ATM’s were spotted in Dallas, Texas after making their way to NYC a couple of weeks ago. While these ATM machines will without a doubt make Bitcoiners happy, it also serves as a pretty […]

  10. Building a Bitcoin mining rig for under $500: Part 1

    We’ve had a number of requests from readers to put-together an article about how to build a Bitcoin mining rig without breaking the bank. While everyone considers different numbers to be high we think $500 is a fair place to draw the line as I think we can all agree that less than $500 is affordable. […]