You would make roughly $700,000 more if you put $1,000 into Ethereum rather than Bitcoin two years ago…


Okay, here it is, the post you’ve been waiting for. If you’re not depressed yet about getting onboard the cryptocurrency train late in its journey (or not at all), let me just warn you, you probably will be after reading this. I decided to put myself in your imaginary shoes, in a world where in December 2015, rather than spending $3,000 on something like; a ski vacation, the down-payment on a car, gold, or something else…you instead put it into Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Ready for the pain train? Let’s walk through this one by one starting with Bitcoin.

Two years ago Bitcoin was around $450 so for $1,000 you would get 2.22 Bitcoin. Today, 2.22 Bitcoin is worth $37,300.

Two years ago Litecoin was around $3.7 so for $1,000 you would get 270 Litecoin. Today, 270 Litecoin is worth $82,256.

Two years ago Ethereum was around $0.85 so for $1,000 you would get 1,176 Ether. Today, 1,176 Ether is worth $728,235.

Here’s what interesting about these numbers. While you might have thought that putting money into Bitcoin two years ago would have been the best move you could have made in the cryptocurrency world…that’s not actually true today. In fact, if you had only $1,000 to invest in December of 2015 and you put your money into Bitcoin rather than Ethereum…you would have left $690,935 on the table, ouch.

Sure, you’d be happy that you turned $1,000 into $37,300 – that’s pretty awesome, but let’s be honest, turning $1,000 into $728,235 is a lot more exciting, life-changing, etc.

Over the last week both Ethereum and Litecoin saw strong growth which is what makes the numbers above that much more shocking.¬†Of course this begs the question – if you have $1,000 to invest in cryptocurrency today, where should you put it? One thing’s for sure – you don’t want to be sitting here two years from now looking at another list like this and kicking yourself for missing the boat.

Soon I will be sharing the investment moves that I’m making live on so I’ll be sharing where I’m putting my money, hopefully I won’t be kicking myself looking back on this post two years later!

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